I am a 27 year old male and was wondering if anyone has had an experience that is similar to mine. The nody hair factor in my family is split down the middle. My mother’s side of the family is marked by a complete absense of body hair, every male has little to no body hair, nothing on the chest, arms, just a little on the legs. My dad’s side is a bit different. Men typically have really hairy arms (see hands as well) and hairy legs, but don’t have too much chest hair. Strangely it seems that I inherited my mother’s family gene’s as I was essentially hairless (I really had no body hair) up until about 1 year ago. Out of the blue I just started growing it like crazy and have even begun to surpass my father. I am just a bit confused, why would I suddenly become hairy at such a late age? It seems that I suddenly swapped genes…has this happened with anyone else?

Make an appt. to see your doctor to check your hormone levels, etc. My sister developed cysts on her ovaries that caused hormone changes that in turn caused excess hair growth while in her 20’s. She is on medication now and that is under control.

OH I just read that you are male. Anyways, it’s still important to go to the docter though to get checked out 'cause you might be having some type of thyroid problem.

hmmm, that does sound odd. I’ve heard of such things happening to women, but not to men. I’m no doctor, but perhaps its a side effect of a medication or something which gave you a boost in testosterone. Very hairy women have higher than average levels of testosterone so it might be something similiar like that.
Did you notice acne as well? Because sometimes the two come together (at least in some women)

[color:“blue”]wow, that is weird…it could be wot u are eating, or if ur doing more excercise and sweating alot? or maybe u still haven’t stopped going through puberty? [image][/image] but hey wot u guys were saying about woman growing hair more…please, tell me more! i’m quite hairy myself and if i grow more am gona drown in depression! [/color]

apart from seeing a doctor, have you checked your diet and environment for higher than usual hormonal content and levels?

if you consume a lot of beef raised on hormone-laced feed, or have switched to consuming much more soy foods than before, you may be increasing the amount of estrogen in your body – and that may have triggered the late-onset hair. alternately, perhaps you live or work in an environment (farm country? with chemicals? etc.) where a subtance might be affecting your body in this way.

women’s breast sizes have increased over recent decades due to increased estrogen, and of course men are affected by increased estrogen too, albeit in different ways.

just some thoughts,