general questions (one touch)

me and my girl friend are looking for a permanent way to remove our genital hair. I’ve read a lot of your forum and noticed that you tend to promote the one touch deluxe electrolysis machine. my questions

  1. how many of you find that this actually works?
  2. is it permanent?
  3. how long would it take me to remove my bush using this machine (asking more short term than long term, like when you first sat down with it were you there for 20 mins or 5 hours?)
  4. if its permanent why are there so many people saying they go through several a year?

that about covers all my questions i apreciate any and all responses. THANKS

We recommend one buying a used professional machine for anyone looking to do any large project. A one touch is only for someone who wants to try it out, before going in for the money a pro unit would cost.

Clearance time depends on the number of hairs needed to be removed and the speed of the person doing the work. As untrained persons, your work will be very slow.

People burn the one touch units out in a short time, because the company doesn’t really expect that any one will use it past the first tme.

I used the One Touch quite successfully, but it is fragile and will wear out. Better to make your own of a similar design (see for construction info).

It performs Galvanic electrolysis, which when done properly is definitely permanent. Using the One touch for the first two thirds and then using my home made unit, I permanently removed my “bush”, but it is slow. It’s been a few years, but I think it took me like 10 hours a week for the first three months and tapered down to less than half that for the next 3 months and then it was just an occasionally touch up for a month or two and then everything was gone for good. The key is to keep at it consistently so that you catch the hairs as they come through their cycles, otherwise you’ll never attack them at the right time and you’ll never have the entire area cleared.

Now I’m 80% through with my underarms (doing it all solo with no problem). If I kept using a One Touch I’d probably be on my fourth or fifth one by now as the wires are so thin that they break internally, the design of the stylus allows salt water to get inside and rot it out, and the needles are way too easy to bend, expensive to replace, very large diameter, and basically a pain to use compared to inexpensive professional probes.

Galvanic electrolysis is extremely successful and at the same time, painstakingly slow. Pros can do it faster with Blend machines, but you have to also consider your travel time and then you’ll have lots of short trips towards the end of the process to get the stragglers. So DIY or PRO may depend on your ability to learn the process and the distance from a qualified Pro (the first time my wife went to a “Pro”, she encountered a person that even though trained, could not do the job and left her bloody.

Thanks! i will deffanatly look into making my own version because i am quite handy with the construction area… i look forward to being hair free without painfull razor burn!
Thanks again!

I do believe that anyone who has gone from a one touch, to a pro unit (especially a computerized model with presets) can tell you that they were able to get work done faster, as the combination of accurate, duplicatable, and variable currents mixed with automatic insertion delay and professional gold probes deliver a most comfortable treatment experience.

Does anyone want to weigh in on this? (of course, a good pro is still faster)

I’ve always said that Galvanic electrolysis is slow. Not everyone can master the intricacies of a pro unit (it may seem easy for you and me, but not everyone can grasp all the concepts) or possibly afford one. The One Touch is the low end for doing it at home and building a stronger version is the next step for DIY and for under $100. If people go for a pro unit, they have the possibility to eventually get the job done faster, for sure.

I been using the one touch since 1999 LOL. seems like a long time.

I am now building my own:)

TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Telling someone in a regulated state to purchase a professional machine is encouraging them to be criminals.
Laws restrict the purchase to licensed individuals only. Oh sure you can get one online but reccommending this is irresposible. Sure you want them to get legit results. What cost? what about self scaring?

me and my girl friend are looking for a permanent way to remove our genital hair.

I hope there are no illusions - this is a massive job. I spent somewhere around a hundred hours using a blend machine, with four second epilations, to completely clear my wife’s pubic area. She was in the upper percentiles of bushiness, but still - this is not a small job by any measure. You have to literally factor this into a near-daily routine.

It hurts like a sonofabitch, too.

Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do it differently? Yes - I would have gotten a flash machine as soon as I was competent at insertions. But I value my time more than some people, I guess.

I recommend you get a slow thermolysis machine for learning. It will be relatively cheap ($100-$300) and will let you figure out if this will work for you, with epilation times around fifteen seconds. Then, if it seems to work out, you can graduate to a flash machine. Either way, you resell the slow thermo machine on Ebay.