general question about hair removal

I had laser hair removal. I think it was gentelase. I don’t remember. But I read that I was supposed to experience shedding about a week after treatment. None of the treated hairs fell out, so I did not experience any of the hairfree period after treatment. I didn’t experience shedding, so I think that means the power was too low, but the tech kept having to turn down the lasser during treatment, which seems strange. She said she has a masters degree or something in the treatment and had never worked at a spa, so she seemed pretty reputable.

Anyways, since I didnt experience the hair free period, does that mean that the treatment was ineffective?

Am i entitled to some kind of discount on my next treatment because the treatment did not work?

It means the treatment was 100% ineffective, all the hair should shed and you shouldn’t have any hair for around 2 months give or take a few weeks. If no hair shed then the settings were way too low. Even low settings can and will cause shedding but if you had none then something serious is wrong. Definitely contact them as you need to be retreated for free since they did a terrible job.

It can take 3 weeks for the hair to shed, so if it hasn’t been 3 weeks yet, then wait it out. If it’s already been three weeks with no shedding, you’ve got yourself a problem. No shedding means the treatment didn’t work.

You need to give it 3 full weeks. Sometimes shedding doesn’t even start until week 1.5.

It would still be beneficial for you to call the clinic and write down the settings they used.

It’s been about 2 months since my treatment. I have another question, should all of the hair in the treated area fall out, or would it be ok if the finer hairs did not shed? The tech kept turning down the power throughout the treatment. I don’t know what that was about.

The finer hairs may turn into pepperspots (ironically I only get pepperspots with thicker hairs though). But even the hairs that are too thin to be affected permanently have always at least shed for me personally. I have a 100% hair free period.

If they have enough pigment for laser to target them in some way, they’ll still fall out. They just wont attract enough heat to disable the follicle permanently. If they’re too fine for this, they may stay. Or they may be missed. It’s ok if less than 10% or so remains. Overlapping is not 100% accurate sometimes. If you have patches remaining, I would ask for a touchup.