General facial hair/plucking issue (girl)

Hey, if this kind of question is all over the forum, I’m really sorry.

Here’s my issue: I’m a girl in high school so obviously my appearance is fairly important. I have lighter skin and dark hair, so its noticable. There is a fair amount of hair on my arms, but I can deal with that and shaving my legs leaves that black from under the skin, which I am also ok with. But my main problem is with facial hair. I’ve avoided any shaving to prevent that black under the skin like on my legs so I’ve been plucking instead. Just so you know, I don’t mind plucking, I have the time and honestly I dont think it is at all painful. I’ve been plucking my upper lip for probably almost a year, and there hasn’t been too much of a problem as long as I do it frequently. Very recently I’ve started to pluck my chin and neck as well.

Basically I’m just looking for some (ANY) advice, because having this hair sucks. If plucking makes it worse, which it hasn’t yet, I want to know, especially since I just started on my chin and neck. I’d rather leave it the way it is than making it worse.

Before anyone suggests it, I do not have enough money and I’m in know position to deal with electrolysis or laser right now, but I will probably have it done in a few years.

I’m sure almost all of you feel my pain, but I think I’ve been doing real good about not letting this get to my head too much.

thanks for any help!

the tweezing should be okay for now but you are going to want to look into another solution. If your insurance will cover it talk to your doctor about Vaniqa that might be your best bet for now untill you can find something permanent. You can also try wax, the cost isn’t so prohibitive and if you need to there are several at home kits that work as long as your carefull.
good luck

Help! I have hairy cheeks (the ones on my face). I used to happily wax away all my hairy problems - but is it ok to wax your cheeks? I’m getting older now and my skin is starting to thin slightly. I’ve started having electrolysis but it’s so expensive and time consuming. I don’t find it that painful but there is just so much hair - I’ll be dead before I’m free of it! I’ve had blood tests done but my doc says I’m fine. Please can you recommend the best thing to do - they are mainly blonde hairs so I don’t think lazer treatment would work.

You can wax your cheeks without any problem. if your skin is loosing elasticity it is doubly important that you find a waxer who will use hard wax, which attaches only to the hair not to the skin, not strip wax. You may also want to look into a cream that inhibits regrowth and use the two methods togther.

Hi There,

I have been waxing my upper lip since I was 11 years old. It was fine for a while. Then I started travelling overseas and would pluck the noticable hairs. That’s when the problem started.

Within a couple of years, those plucked hairs would come back with a vengence! They were so course and dreadfully noticeable. I would avoid going out at times when the hairs were too short to get rid of but still very noticable. It was awful.

So, fast forward some years and I got to the point where I couldn’t stand it any longer. The hair on my face was affecting my social life. I finally started looking into electrolysis and haven’t looked back. Absolutely marvellous results and I am regaining my life. No scarring and I love the feeling of not having to look at tweezers or a wax pot ever again!

Beware of plucking. It also scars your skin (eventually). When you’re at an age and can afford it, look into electrolysis. Check out the forums here.

Best of luck.


One of the problems with plucking the face is ingrown hairs. If you have ever had them they can cause quite an iritation as the hair grows under the skin, sometimes quite long.

Probably electrolysis is the recommended solution.


Is it true that plucking, threading, waxing and epilating the face will stimulate the root and increase hairgrowth?


Plucking causes the hairs to grow more coarse. I pluck the hairs on my chin and now they’re realy spikey and coarse compared to what they used to be… i’m probably gunna get laser hair removal anyway though.


Plucking can actually strengthen a hair when it grows back in some cases.

If you have ever had ingrowns from plucking you will realize what a problem they can be. The hair will grow under the skin and sometimes cause it to appear infected.
It can grow under the skin to an inch or more, and removal is quite difficult and sometimes painful. I have gotten a few through electrolysis, but my technician removes them before they get too bad.

The other problem is that plucking is only temporary. You will have to constantly pluck, maybe for hours, and hours.