Gap in treatments.

i’m thinking about getting arms, stomach, and legs done.
But I’ll be leaving on vacation in September,2006 to April,2007.
That means I have about four months.

If I start my treatments now,
would I be getting some clear results?
I’m only thinking about arms and stomach this summer
and I’ll do the rest when I come back.

The thing is I’ve heard two ideas from two different electrolysist.
One said that hair grows in cycle of 3months,
so even when I do hair removal this summer,
the hairs would basically all grow back and I would have to start over.

And another one said that even one clearance would make a difference later.
So that it’s still worth it to get electrolysis before the vacation.

So what you guys think?

Any work you get will be a permanent hair reduction. You just won’t be able to see a difference unless you take a before, after and a one year later picture.

Four months is enough time to get to first clearance on all those areas assuming you have the time and money to devote to the task. If you don’t, you will be best off selecting an area you are most interested in, and doing the other places in line with their place on your priority list.

If you will be away for 3 months, you will think that you appear to have grown all the hair back, but you won’t, as it will be different hairs, growing at different times.

there is enough time to make good progress and achieve at least the first clearance if you’re consistent until you leave. you will see regrowth and growth of hair that was dormant before (not same hair returning) while you’re gone, but it shouldn’t look as bad as what you start with, so you will see a difference. this will also depend on how well your hair responds to electrolysis, how dark and coarse the hair is, how good the electrologist is, etc. but generally, i don’t see anything wrong with starting now, being consistent and on schedule to get as much removed as possible, and then finishing when you come back.

How about finding another electrologist in your vacation area to continue your treatment until you come back?