Galvantic,The blend or Thermolosis????


ANyone knows what is the best method for electrolysis to use??? i heard there’s diffrent type of probes like THe Galvantic,The blend etc… i wanna treat the Uni-brow…

Some people told me blend is good and others tells me not cause it can cause scars and stuff…

soo anyone can plz reply!!!


from what I’ve read, thermolysis is REALLY quick compared to galvanic, but the hairs usually come back, probably finer. So they have to be treated again. Galvanic is much slower, but far more effective in destroying the hair for good the first time round. Blend is just a combination of both, to apparently get the benefits of both. Hope I’ve helped a little :smile:


Does it means that…Garvanic or blend are more likely to cause scars between my two eye brow,cause there more effective…and the termolysis is maybe slower process ov removing the hair totally??? tnxx…


Let me first of all point out that I’m not a professional and only have my own experiences to share that I has got from one single electrologist some 13 years ago.

My treatment was done with thermolysis only and there are still some very minor scaring left and a little bit of lost pigmentation only visible during the summer. As I’m not quite female and had a whole big bad beard to get rid of I got quite a massive amount of treatment, but nevertheless, thermolysis is the most scaring prone method with speed as it’s only advantage.

Due to a medical condition I stopped when about three quarterly done and have picked up self treatment with pure galvanic some months ago. The regrowth is much, much lower than with thermolysis and when treating sensitive areas like right under the nose I can control the pain by reducing the current. That is impossible with thermolysis, thats work by causing a burn around the root meaning a certain, painful, temperature has to be reached. Galvanics works by an electrochemical reaction with no heat and the amount of treatment equals the product of current and time. This works great for self treatment, for professional the pain in Your wallet might be too intense…

I have never tried blend and has therefore no experiece from that to share.


A good practitioner like myself is perfectly capable of thermolysis without scarring. Up to date equipment can do a comfortable treatment in thermolysis as well.

Blend quickens the galvanic reaction with the addition of small amounts of thermolysis heat.

A good practitioner can utilize blend to get quicker treatment than galvanic, while getting all the benefits of galvanic only treatment.

UNFORTUNATELY, there are too many people poking probes into people who either have out of date machines, or not enough experience to do the job without marking up the client’s skin.


CPE: Up to date equipment can do a comfortable treatment in thermolysis as well.

Somethings tells me the equipment used for my treatment was really obsolete, it was just an RF generator and she controlled the timing manually by pressing a button on the probe.

In another thread You was mentioning treatment times of 3 to 5 minutes for galvanic only. That sounds very extreme, about how much charge (in millicoulombs) are applied during such a long treatment?

What is it, technically spoken, that differs between good and bad equipment?


I thought electrolysis was supposed to be permanent. Now I am reading all these accounts about regrowth. So is it permanent or not? Or is it just reduction? Or are only the much slower methods of electrolysis permanent?



All properly performed electrolysis treatments are permanent. However, the client must co-operate with the practitioner to secure maximum results. We can only treat the hairs we have access to, based on your showing up for treatment. If you see 33 hairs per square inch, you will see at least half as much springing forth a few weeks later. Until electrolysis can treat each and every follicle in the treatment area, WHILE HAIR IS GROWING.

When doing treatment for 3 to 5ime minutes would usually be done with .03 - .05 milliampheres of galvanic current.


James, thanks for the clarification. Basically, it comes down to the skill of the practitioner. As far as hair growing back, it may be dormant follicles entering the growth stage that were not in that stage at earlier treatments.

If there is going to be any regrowth will it happen within two months (chest area) similar to my experience with laser?

After 1 month none of the white hairs have returned. So far so good. I am very satisfied with my electrolysis treatments so far.



RJC2001: what method are you being treated with?