Galvanic removal

I am looking at purchasing the IGIA Finally Gone hair removal system and wanted to know
more about galvanic removal and if anyone has tried this product before. I am looking
for some testimonials before I take the plunge. I have really coarse hair and cannot
use Nair or Epil-Stop and I have a Epil-Lady type device but find that I am
getting a lot of ingrown hairs. What can you tell me about galvanic hair removal? Does it
last longer than shaving or Epil-Lady’s?

Galvanic home units that use a probe inserted into the hair follicle can work. I’ve used these tweezer devices and they are a scam.

Go to the Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis section of this forum and read about the One Touch unit if you’re interested in permanent home treatment.

Home electroysis with a One Touch can be permanent if done right, but it’s not easy. Almost every other home use device claiming permanent results is a scam (like the IGIA scam products).

For ingrowns, you might try Tend Skin.

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