Galvanic or Blend machine recommendations for home use

HI!, I want to buy an electrolysis machine for me, to use it in home, Here in my town, there are no electrolysis specialists, only laser specialists, so I need to buy me my own machine.
Could you recommend me brands and models, please?
Galvanic or blend system.

I saw in Ebay a STEREX SX-B, is that good machine for home?

Thank you very much for your help!

I have an SX-B, and it is perfectly fine for home or professional use. It’s one of the most basic modern epilators you can buy, so make sure you’re not paying too much for one.

Hi Scurvy!
Thanks for taking time for me, what is a good price for those, I saw one used on eBay in $850 USD, is that a good price?

Thank you very much!

Also there is the SX-T model that is much cheaper, it is not galvanic.
Is this machine also works, I know it is not as good the galvanic or blend model, but it does the job?

$850 is a bit pricier than I would pay, but if it’s near new and comes with some sort of reseller warranty, then it may be worthwhile. At that price, I expect it will come with all the cords, attachments, accessories, maybe the carry case and maybe some spare cords as well.

I wouldn’t go with the SX-T. Thermolysis is much less forgiving of poor insertions, so people will often find it difficult to work on themselves with thermolysis only.

oooo I got it!
Ok so let me find the B model then, in case I find one, where can I find the manual?
Thank you very much!

You can ask for help here,in regard to getting a manual. Maybe someone who has this epilator can offer to copy and send you the manual?

I think this unit is highly priced.

I would not use a thermolysis unit , being that you are a DIY’er. This is all about perfect insertions. You need perfect insertions for
thermolysis. You can be a little off with galvanic or the blend, so keep that in mind.

Hi Deedra!
Thank you for your help!
So has to be SX-B!