galvanic in NYC

I just posted the following in the electroligist referral section, but I thought I might get more answers to my question about galvanic electrolysis here.
Forgive me if I am not adhereing to proper forum etiquette by reposting in a different section, but I have never done this before and don’t mind guidance!

I’m a new member, but I have been looking through this website for about a month. Thanks to everyone for your valuable and informative insight, I can’t possibly tell you how much it has helped me out.
I have finally decided to get electrolysis after years of feeling totally hopeless about my hair situation. I was considering Fino Gior, but I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Great Neck is too far from home! Also I would be more comfortable seeing a woman.
So my qestion is this: has anyone been to Barbara Leibowitz? How was the experience?
She practices galvanic- is scarring and long-lasting irritation (I have sensitive skin) less likely with this “tried and true” method?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated- or recommendations of other Manhattan electrologists from happy clients.
Thank you so much!

ps- thank you Andrea for creating this site, you are brilliant and I will be helping to “feed you kitties” as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Hey there! I also live on the UWS and am looking for an electrologist for my legs (very dark coarse hair on very fair skin- yipee!)
I actually have a good electrologist in NYC who I have been going to for my face for 2 years (I am asuuming that because the face is affected by hormones, i will need maintenace here for a long time).
She had also worked on my arms and stomach to my staisfaction.
She was reccomended to me by a friend whose face she cleared.

Possibly the best thing about her is her manner- very kind, patient, and never embarraces you if you want to clear and embarracing area.

I still go to her, but I am always looking around for someone who has had STELLAR results with someone else.
write back if you want her name and number!

I would love get the name and number of the electrologist you have been seeing for your face. Could you post it here or maybe in the electrologist referral forum? I tried to send a private message asking you for this information, but I wasn’t able to for some reason. Thank you!

Hi Franny- I also wish I knew how to send private e-mails on this website- but can’t figure it out.
I would be happy to give you my electrologist’s name- I actually just asked her for someone whose legs she did (since I wanted to talk to another one of her clients who went through the process) and this woman raved about her- she said that she had gone to a few different places and Maria did the quickest cleanest job.
Her name is Maria Vega and her # is 212-765-3214. Tell me how it goes! . . .

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