I’ve been searching for almost 12 months for electrologists pretending galvanic epilation in either Belgium or the Netherlands and how not found any. I have found one ( yes one ) practicing thermolysis.

Does anybody know galvanic electrolysis in these two countries?

Kind regards, Sophie


A newly certified electrolysis operator has started working Anwterpen Beglium performing blend with machines by Elite spectrum. ( I don’t have any more information on machines ).

Her name is Evy Vertonghen and she’ll start working from the O2 Clinic, Antwerpen from 15th Sept.

They offer IV pain pumps with treatments and sell intensive clearence sessions!?

I’ve booked an appointment to test terminal hairs on my legs, because I am waiting for when Beate Ritzert will be free in autumn.

Yesterday she did three hours of thermolysis on my upper lip and chin. It hurt…

Today I have very little inflammation and very few white bubbles on the skin. Greatly improved skin reaction compared to before.

Has anybody used Aleve Cicalfate POST-PROCEDURE / Post-Acte creme for aftercare? It’s meant to be for skin management post laser. I have a tube lying around.