Fuzz removal - good idea?

I have lots of fine light and dark hairs on my chin, doing blend once a week. The few coarse ones are being treated fine, and I have regrowth after a 3wks/month or so, but the fine ones just seem too many to be able to ever get ahead of.
I have been doing weekly 30 min sessions (with one 45 min session thrown in too) which I intended to be chin and sides, but after the first two treatments, we never had time to ever get to the sides because the waxed fuzz on my chin came back and they are just too many to get in 30 min. I have had 7 sessions so far. I leave feeling presentable, no dark hairs, but it’s nowhere as clean as I used to be when I just waxed my chin. I miss that clean feeling terribly, and I hate how you can see the fuzz in sunlight or at an angle in other light.

I have also given up on treating the longer fuzz on my sides and bleached it, just going to wait for any darkc coarse hairs to come in and treat them, that is minimal.

I don’t have the time or will to do more sessions per week, especially with the scabbing I want to give my skin some time to heal, and not to mention it gets pricey.

I sometimes think I should just get the dark hairs treated which may bring my visits down to every other week or every third week, and go back to waxing the fuzz, will that make the fuzz turn coarse so I will be doing electro forever? What do you experts suggest, there must be others in my situation?

Thanks for your input in advance!!

First of all, normal women have a downy fuzz on their faces that is visible in sunlight at profile. If you don’t have this, you are made of plastic, and probably driving “The Dream 'Vette” and dating an equally hallow guy named Ken, or Joe.

Yes, if you pluck and wax, you will be giving your electrologist job security, and maybe an annuity. If you either temporarily increased the appointment time, or switched to thermolysis, you could get more hairs, and soon there would not be enough hairs to work on for 45 minutes every 2 weeks.

James, is it true that thermolysis results in greater scabbing? My electrologist uses the A.R.Henkel UC2 machine and says that since I have sensitive skin that already scabs, thermolysis will scab much more. Does that sound right?

And so all the folks getting electrolysis here are just removing the dark coarse hairs, no one is treating fuzz? I can handle the cheek and side fuzz even though its longer and definitely visible, but the chin fuzz is short and sticks out in a layer in the sun, it makes me very self conscious. Will that be a losing battle to fight, even if I switch to thermolysis, how many treatments can I expect clearance in?

Thanks again.

you can kill ALL hair that you want, the coarse hairs might take longer and blend might be better for coarse hairs too. i’m getting mostly finer hairs treated on all areas that i’m doing and getting only thermolysis or microflash now. i did blend for some coarse hairs in the beginning and yes, it scabs a bit less, but it really depends. on some areas, i get no scabbing at all. sometimes i get no scabbing on the areas where i normally WOULD get scabs. it just varies.

There are many variables to treatment. Many people get thermolysis treatments and have no scabs at all.

If you live in a hot, humid climate, it may not be possible to avoid scabbing as you can’t avoid sweating.

How many hours of treatment should I expect to get clearance on an averagely fuzzy chin from an electrologist who gets fine hairs in 3 - 10 sec and coarse hairs in 15 - 30 sec with blend, don’t know what her thermolysis speed might be.

I have had all the thick, coarse hair removed from my face and am now working on the fuzz. I know what you mean; some are soft but too long, and some are shorter but prickly. I only get these, I don’t worry about the little, tiny, soft hairs.

The good news? Zapping fuzz doesn’t hurt much, and doesn’t scab or swell too much. The bad news is, there’s a lot of it, and it seems to be somewhat resistant.

I have the same problem with lots of soft fuzz on the sides of my face and neck. On my neck, there are some really long ones but they’re mostly very soft. I just have lots of them and they make me very self conscious. Thanks to this forum, I have started seeing an electrolygist for a half hour each week and after less than 2 months, I can already tell a difference. She’s just tackling the darker coarser ones (a result of plucking) and the long ones. She says that it would take years to clear all the peach fuzz and she doesn’t recommend it. To discourage me from trying, she told me that it gave me a nice matted look (as opposed to the smooth look I would love). I am 100% mediterranean with olive skin and dark brown hair, yet my face fuzz is mostly blond.

How many hours of treatment should I expect to get clearance on an averagely fuzzy chin from an electrologist who gets fine hairs in 3 - 10 sec and coarse hairs in 15 - 30 sec with blend, don’t know what her thermolysis speed might be.

Take a ruler washable marking device like an eyebrow pencil, and magnifying mirror. Using the ruler and washable marking device, mark off a one centimeter square box. Count the hairs in that marked off section and write down the number. Now, measure the area of the entire section of skin you have unwanted hair and find the area (length multiplied by width) To convert centimeters to US inches, multiply by 2.5.

If you have 50 hairs in that centimeter square, you have 125 hairs per square inch to remove, and at the 2 to 5 hairs per minute rate you spoke of, it would take 25 to 62 minutes to remove that many hairs.

Now consider that you have to remove about as many hairs through 3 growth cycles, and it will take 75 to 186 minutes to achieve permanent hair removal in that one centimeter if you get all the hairs the first time, based on the hair counts in this example.

See why electrologists don’t get into discussions of how long and how much? Not even this example would be correct if the client did not show up for as long or as frequently as needed.