Funny test patch

Hey everyone. I wanted to have laser hair removal on my legs, bikini line and armpits so I started searching for a good place to have it done. In one of those places they did a test patch on a leg so we could see how the skin reacted. I ended up not going ahead with sessions there, not because of any adverse reaction but because they were trying to convince me of buying pack sessions…so much that the prices of individual actually sessions went up. Way to lose clients…

Anyways, the reason of my post is that I had this test patch done about six weeks ago and since then that area seems to be, well, stuck in time?

I don’t think there was any shedding and you can actually see the shaved/lasered little hairs there (you have the rest of my leg hair for comparison.) The thing is, is this what I should expect from regular laser sessions or is this a case of too low settings? I wanted to have smooth legs, not these tiny (yet visible!) pinpricks of hairs. I did try to tweeze them out but they’re too small and embedded in the skin. Do you think they will eventually grow out again?

I’m gonna try laser sessions in another place that has great reviews here and I’m gonna show this to the person in charge to clarify this won’t be the final result.

PS: the type of laser was an Alexandrite, as for the settings, they used “the appropriate ones for my skin type”. They were not very client-friendly when it came to answering questions.

Oh that’s a common side effect of laser, especially on the legs. Those are called “pepper spots” (there’s lots of threads on here about it). They will eventually fall out, but they will take awhile.

I’m more concerned about the settings they’re using. I’d call them tomorrow and ask to know your settings. It’s impossible to judge if the settings are appropriate on you, but either way, pepper spots are normal. You can try exfoliating to help them out

Oh I see. I’ll search more info then. Thanks!