Full Leg Waxing - always hairs left?

Hi all,

I haven’t posted here in a while. I persevered with fortnightly electrolysis sessions on my thighs for 20 months until I could no longer afford it. I saw little improvement and was left with quite bad scars. I am so disheartened, to say the least, with all the money and time I put in, to turn to waxing but my confidence is so low I just need the hair gone now.
I got my first full leg wax the other week. I hate how the finer hair at very top of thighs and abdomen now looks much more noticeable because of the straight edge waxing leaves between TOTALLY hairfree area and normal non waxed area :frowning: Is there any way to avoid this? I guess you can’t really blend with waxing…
My question is, I have gone to the same beautician since last August for lower leg waxes and have not put a razor to my legs since September and got waxes regularly but I can not seem to get longer than about 10 days out of a leg wax. I notice that she misses hairs after each session and sometimes quite substantially long ones but is that normal to still be left with a few after a session or should I try going somewhere else? My thighs are now in same state and my ingrown hairs are hard to deal with. My legs feel bumpy after about 5 days from the wax and I am trying to exfoliate but she said there isn’t anything else I can do and if a hair is ingrown and lying flat on my leg she won’t help remove it or wax it. I just want to know is this normal procedure? What else I can do for ingrown to prevent them? And anyway to blend waxing when you get thighs done? It’s nice to be totally hairfree if only for a week at least but so disappointed in my electrolysis journey on my thighs :frowning: I stopped going after 20 months and within 3 weeks my thighs were as bad as they were the first day I got them treated. I don’t think it was electrolysis failing more my hormonal issues!

Realta, I am sad to hear about your poor experience of electrolysis. Did you have some sample test treatments with several practitioners(as is always recommended here unless you have a reliable referral) prior to commencing regular treatment. Do you have a diagnosed hormonal imbalance? Did you have an in growing hair problem before you began electrolysis treatments?

sorry it took me so long to get back to this! I had gone for electrolysis for a different area with same woman before starting on my legs and had been very happy with results so don’t know why legs wouldn’t take. Haven’t been diagnosed with hormonal problems but as my sister has PCOS, I suspect I probably have something but am not interested in the pill etc for various reasons. Not sure I had ingrown hairs before.
Just so frustrating, especially now its summer. I have spent so much money and time on waxing, electrolysis and I have done 9 IPL sessions on my bikini line to little effect as well. Not sure what I should pursue with

Would you describe the skin on your legs as very dry? This could make you more prone to ingrowing hairs. There is a product called stop ingrow. ( I think, could have the name wrong ) Can anyone help us out here?

I cant comment on laser or electrolysis but the best results from waxing come from good home care 3 days after your wax, good and thorough exfoliation but not too hard or harsh followed by a light moisturiser every time after you shower. Don’t exfoliate or moisturise on the day of your appointment and keep your appointments regular . Hope this helps !

I agree with the advice to exfoliate and moisturize after your treatments. Proper skin care is essential. As a Body Sugaring Practitioner, I would highly recommend that you give it a try. It is less painful than waxing and because it will never stick to live skin cells it is possible to go over an area multiple times to get those stubborn hairs. With waxing, the practitioner is only able to go over it one or two times because the skin becomes too sensitive.

Hope that helps!