full face threading

I have had my face threaded once. How often should I have it done. Is there a general period or should it be as and when I feel the hairs are too prominent. Also, has anyone found that full face threading reduces the amount of hairs? and over what period of time?

Was there much pain involved with the threading? Did you get it done like at a salon, and would you recommend it?

The pain varied on different parts of the face. Sometimes the skin is caught and you get small scabs. I applied cotton pads soaked in witch hazel immediately afterwards and for a five days thereafter so the skin healed nicely. The pain is not unbearable and the treatment is quite fast. The overall effect is very good.

I had my threading done at a salon within a major department store. They have a number of middle eastern customers who have been having threading there. The therapist has been threading for a number of years.She was trained at a salon where threading is one of its main treatments.

no you can thread whenever you want to, I leave it till the hairs are longer. but if im going out then i can thread the finer hairs too.
no threading doesnt cause the hairs to become finer, thats everyones dream if it did! but i can say that it is preferable as waxing on the face can give bruises etc and can be messy too.

I purchased a Do-It-Yourself threading tool from www.facialhairthreading.com and it is very simple to use, very effective and very inexpensive. I can only do so much conventional threading on my own, gets very tedious after a while. So coming across this product was wonderful for me. You may want to check out their website.

I used to have my full face threaded by a woman in Chinatown. The first time hurt A LOT, but if you go every 2 weeks you can get the active hairs as they come in - fewer hairs pulled means less pain. I absolutely loved the utterly smooth result and you can’t get that any other way (well I suppose you could wax the entire face but it’d probably be unpleasant and take a lot more than 20 minutes). Unfortunately I had to stop after a few months since I was getting ingrown hairs on my cheeks. Still have the scars. I recently switched to electrolysis and really hope it works…

How painful would full face threading at a salon be? Cheeks, chin, neck? And does it cause acne breakouts after? Right now I wax the sides of my face but it causes bad breakouts after and the skin has become rough in those areas so I want to try something else. I get my eyebrows threaded but never considered the face until now.