Full body wax?

I recently bought a rotary epilator because I was sick and tired of my extremely hairy legs, and figured that I could go for the shaved-down look without the hassle of shaving (my roommate’s gotta use the bathroom, too.)

I really could just blame my lack of foresight, but for some reason the “D-” for pain in the epilator column of the hairfacts web site didn’t register and before I knew it I had used it on my chest and about half of my right leg when I decided I couldn’t stand it any more. The results were admittedly comical and I won’t be wearing shorts anytime soon.

I’d like to get this all evened out. I tried Nair’s at home roll-on wax. I’m not sure if it’s legit since the wax is not hot at any point, but it yielded inconsistent results, to say the least. Are all at-home wax kits this flimsy? Should I get this done by professionals (what could I expect the cost to be for a full-body-but-I-already-did-some-of-it-for-you treatment?) Or should I just wait it out and hope I look normal again by swimsuit season?

waxing at home is kinda safe and cheap. most importantly less pain involved other than plucking with strips. it does hurt a little bit but the results are effective and great. unlike hair removal creams they leave a smell on skin and your hair starts growing two times faster from the second day itself. if you are doing waxing at home for the first time and you didn’t follow the right method you ended up hurting your skin and it will lead to red painful bumps. for any special occasions or parties don’t risk it and leave it to professionals. European Wax Center is one of the best splendor lifestyle franchises where I got my services done recently. have a look at the European wax center price list online. they provide you with the best services and amazing results.

Thank you for sharing the price list.