Full body : other methods compared to threading PE

Hello !

I come from a sunny country with 4 seasons. And I want to tell you about my fights with hair !
I can not say I am too hairy or not, I have peach on my upper arms and upper legs, some more thicker hairs on my elbow-wrist-hand-areas and jolly good thick hairs on lower legs. Moustache and beard- ok, 3 hairs in total for beard and some fuzz on the upper lip. But them hairs grow too fast and I hate them. It is a controlled madness - and I call it controlled only because I realize it might become an obsession as I am trying to tame it since all my life. :smiley:

I turned 30 this year. [/i]

This is all about me.

And now, I MUSt tell how happy I am finding this forum. I just need to compare my observations with someone, or to ask questions.

I have used waxing, sugaring, epilator with spring, epilator with tweezers and epilator with discs, plucking, burning and threading. Aaannd… stripes.

[li]I have sun allergy and I will not try LPI or laser. No, I just do not like the idea. I have seen horrible results from wrong electro so I am afraid of that too.
[/li][li]Creamy chemicals make my skin burn so i tried several products and stopped going in this direction.
[/li][li]Shaving causes me skin rashes, irritation and hair grows too fast to have any effect.
On my face :

  • no waxing/sugaring/stripes is working - my skin remains on the wax no matter what wax is used- stripes of skin are painfully removed. I have tried it in a saloon and at home too - i can not survive this. What makes things worse - I am prone to Acne so when a piece of skin goes with the wax then I get big ugly scars and acne on them. And ingrown hairs, Tons of them.

  • I have tried only a disc epilator on my face , and I deeply regret it - I had a so ugly breakout that I stayed at home for 5 days.

  • plucking - well, I do not have real hair, just some fuzz, so plucking is not my thing. And with eyebrows it causes ingrown hairs for me along with broken hairs. I have purchased several expensive tweezers, yet the result is the same.

  • burning - for the past couple of years I used to be burning the extra hair on my face with a lighter. It smells, then you have to really clean yourself, but at least the fuzz does not turn in to anything monstrous and it is almost invisible for weeks. (this suggests plucking of the eyebrows though…)

- threading - yes, this is definitely the thing for my face! I do have tears, it is so painful, yet it lasts longer and i have no wounds, burns, broken and ingrown hair. Aand, it’s maybe an illusion, but my upperlip fuzz is reduced. i have been threading my face since an year. I learned how to do it at home so i will not rely on the salon, even they do it faster it takes me time to go there.

On my hands :
It is almost the same with the face thing, only it is worse :

  • waxing / sugaring etc. damages my skin, but there almost no ingrown hairs, there are also no allergies or other major issues. However if there is just one ingrown there will be a mountain big pimple on the next day.

  • epilator was the cause that I spent 3 summers in a row with long sleeved shirts no matter what, I had so big wounds caused by the ingrowns , that a beutician cried when she saw me. The issue is that until you have won the war against the ingrowns you can not do anything, so at the end I ended up with pimples, acne, wounds and HAIR. a disaster!

People around me demanded that I will take some steps to stop this so I went to a doctor that said the only treatment was Laser, and I was almost prepared when I learned they are imoprting laser machines this is why they cure by laser. No thanks. So I decided I will never remove a single hair from my hands ever. I decided to have no hair anywhere else but on my head and on the hands (I was not happy at all, but at least hair is better than mountain big pimples and all the rest!)

And then, three years ago I started burning the hair on my hands. It leaves stubs and is smelly, but at least no ingrowns and no scars. I used TONS of healing cremes, scar cremes, everything!

Then almost an year ago I found some inner strength to try THREADING on my hands. Surprisingly for an year now I have never seen THREADING to cause any of above side effects!
Note that I had me tested and they found no micosis, no bacterial or hormonal reason that my hands would react so badly when I try to remove hair by other methods. they say my skin is too thin.

So now I am threading my hands at home (as where I live they do not offer this in salons ) and I am happy that the scars are healing and my hands are hairless.

Waxing and sugaring are too messy for legs at home, and as my hair grows too fast the first hair is already on the surface the next day after I go to the salon.

Stripes - I just can not learn how to use them on my legs.

Epilator - no matter spring, tweezers or discs - it breaks my hair as it is dark and thick but at least I can do it at home, so even if I have to elipate my whole legs two times a week I can survive it.]

Burning does not really work on thick hair - there are stubbles as I have shaved, and the skin is not smooth enough. The only advantage is that burning causes the hair to grow slowly . It takes too much time to burn all hair on all two legs.

Threading saves the day but not completely. No matter if using a tool or thread in a loop in my hands, or the loop technique - it takes time. I am also researching and testing almost each tool for threading I see on the market, yet there is no perfect threading tool. Human hands are the best thread holder.
Yet, threading (amazingly!) works faster than epilator for me and lasts longer.

shaving there causes me to feel like a dog with flies.

Epilator breaks hairs but it is bearable.

waxing - well, some absent minded technician burned me so badly that I walked like a wounded pigeon for a week before my armpit stopped being sore. When I wax at home I can never remove all hair on first strike.

Burning does not work on armpits - you can not burn with powder on your skin, however armpits are also a little damp. Yes they are, no matter what you did - right after the bath the skin is still wet, five minutes after you are sweating as normal again. There are so many sweat glands on the armpits that there is always a little sweat. So no burning on armpits!

Plucking saves the day but it is extremely uncomfortable to do this on your own.

Now I am using threading and I am happy with the results.

[b]Bikini area/b Well to be honest I have never had my bikini area done by a specialist . I allow the salon technician to clean the area on my upper legs but not to go too close to the bikini line. I believe there are things I can not go for, and having someone in my bikini area hurting me is not my cup of tea.
Anyway, I have caused myself enough pain already.

First - tweezing the whole bikini area is not a good thing. I tried once. It hurts like hell, it is hell slowly and there are parts one can not reach.

Waxing - I like waxing most for this part. It is fast and the hair is thick enough to be removed with one strike only. There are no inflammations, no ingrowns, no issues. It is only that for me personally all the waxes they sell for sensitive areas are working completely the opposite. The ones that are supposed to be for gentle areas and bikini are best for my legs and the plain receipts go perfectly on my bikini area. Strange.
I have tried more than 20 different waxes and sugars and stripes. The best one for me is the natural sugaring substance. No pearls, no talk in the wax, no side effects. Just sugar. Yet, one wrong move and you are the new John Wayne.

Epilator. - YES! I am using it on bikini area too.
I love the fast results.
The only issue is that there are too many ingrown hairs.

I am now researching is it safe and how to do threading on my bikini area. It sounds very painful.

So, this is it: my war with my hairS.
I believe threading is a life changer, no matter if at home or in a salon.

I do thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!