Full Bikini?

I was wondering if anyone has had good results regarding technique with a full bikini LHR?

My concern is that I paid for full hair removal on all parts of my bikini and surrounding areas, but the techs sort of “skim” over those parts.

Should they be stretching the skin to get in the nooks and crannies? Same with the bottom area too?

How successful are these areas to treat?

Thanks in advance,


You need to go to the Mature Section of the site and request a password to enter that area. You will find lots of good information from those who have sought and received this service in the past.

In general, I don’t think you will be happy with LHR if you are expecting total hair removal, but if you would be happy with a reduction and or a thinning of the hair in that area, then you may be happy with the results.

Dear James:

Oooh, I am sorry. I did not know that there was a mature section on this board. Thanks for letting me know about that site.


Anyone wishing to discuss specifics about mature topics can get the password by sending an email stating you are over 18 to: adult@hairtell.com