Frustrating Experience!

Hi everyone,

I’m an indian and according to the doctor i met today said that my skin type is between 3-4. I have a light skin with dark black coarse hair. i’m going to have a laser hair removal treatment for my arms.

I have just been to two clinics today. The first clinic has the Medilux(Palomar). I asked the doctor what kind of results i would see after my first treatment? Would i be able to see some reduction in my hair or perhaps much finer hairs, he said NO, nothing like that will happen!!! Then i said what’s the point in having the treatement he just kept quite. He was keep saying that their mahine works differently than the laser. I said that i have done some research and what i found is even if i do only one treatment with a laser i should see some difference maybe less and much finer hair. The he replied well if you want to see that kind of results with your first treatment i would refer you to another doctor who has the Diode Lightsheer laser and that i could see much better results .

So i went to the see the other doctor who has the Diode Lightsheer laser and he was very confident that the machine he is using is for permanent hair reduction and that i will have much greater hair reduction and finer hair even with one treatement and he said that i would need atleast 4-5 treatments. I took along with me a form printed off the internet with some questions regarding the hair romoval and aksed him to sign it but he wouldn’t . He said he cannot guarantee permanent hair removal but he can guarantee permanent hair reduction. He was really worried about my skin tone will change after the treatment, he said he has seen cases where the skin colour changes in the treated area comparing to none treated area and it can last quite long. So he has to be really careful.It made me really scared. He also said that i will get a patchy regrowth after my first and second treatments so i need to do atleast 3-4 treatmets to get even regrowth. He said he would be doing the treatments himself and that he doesn’t trust the nurse to do it. He sounded quite promising but the when i asked about the price for my both arms he said US$1,000 for one treatment. He said he can reduce the price for second treatment because the hair for the second treatment will be reduced. This is really expensive comparing to what i see on these forums, it is not even full arm.

I had to pay US$200 for the consultation fee for both the doctors, the first one was kind of wasted.

I still have one more place to go, they use Coolglide, let you know how that one turns out.

Is it true that i will get patchy regrowth after the first treatment? i have seen pictures on the internet even after the first treatment they have really fine and even regrowth.

Are there different kinds of Lighsheer and Coolglide lasers if they are then which ones i should be looking for?

Suppose i have only one treatment and i have less and finer hair and i’m satisfied will this less and finer hair remain the same for ever or will they increase and grow thicker?

I know its a long post but just let you guys know my experience.


If you are expected to pay 200 dollars for a CONSULTATION, then it is not at all suprising that the actual treatment is $1,000. In fact, that sounds cheap by comparison.

So perhaps you should check into Electrolysis. A good Electrologist would not have a problem signing a form that said that permanent hair removal could be given if the client and electrologist work on a proper schedule.

I know of electrologists who have given free treatment to people who where told a certain time for finishing in a consultation, and in actual treatment, they needed more time.

If you are going to opt for laser hair removal on your arms, please look for a practitioner who has a long-pulse Nd:yag machine. This is the only type of laser appropriated for your skin color (at least the doc with the Lightsheer was being honest - yes, you will see pigment changes in your skin if you are treated with Lightsheer). An Nd:yag machine is very protective of darker skin types, and should get you much more effective reduction. We charge US1700 for 5 treatments on full arms, and we do not charge for consultations. Every office is different in handling consultation charges - I cannot secon-guess why that particular office would charge so much, and our treatment prices are in the mid-range for our area. I hope this information helps- please keep us posted. :wink:


Thanks for the info. I have found another doctor and he has given me pretty reasonable price. Luckily he called me up today and explained things to me on the phone. I have already fixed a date with him and i’m going to have my first treatment this coming saturday. He told me not to shave the hair myself the nurse will shave it for me when i go there for my first treatment, is this OK?

He is using the GentleLASE laser and he was really boasting about this machine, he said he has been using alot of other laser machines but the GentleLASE is the best. Is this long-pulse Nd:yag machine? What do you think of this laser, is it good for my skin type and hair?


Hi Ash: The Gentlelase is an alexandrite laser, which is still not appropriate for darker skin types. I would recommend seeking a practice with an Nd:yag machine. Much lower fluences will have to be used with the Gentlelase, which may or may not compromise the results that you seek. I hope you have good results - keep us posted. :wink:

Although the nd: yag is by far the safest laser to be used on dark-skin (and with the appropriate practioner a great hair reductive laser), I believe it is safe to use the diode (Lightsheer) on darker skin. Indeed clinical studies prove that skin types V and VI can tolerate the laser with only transcient side-effects.

One issue that refuses to be cleared up is the effectiveness of using a diode over an nd yag with regard to fluence. For which I haven’t found a good answer. On the one hand I’ve been told not to compare across wavelength systems and on the other I’m told that the diode absorbs more melanin at its wavelenth than the nd: yag, but if it’s safer to use a higher fluence with an nd: yag does that make it “the better laser”?

All in all, the nd: yag (SmartEpil, Lyra, Coolgldie) is the safest laser for dark skin and with the appropriate practioner, it’s a good laser.

I think you misunderstood guys. My skin is not dark, it is fair but my hairs are very dark black and long and coarse on my arms. Anyway, i going to have my treatment tommorrow with the Gentlelase and will let you guys know how it turned out. I have no choice the doctor is keep insisting that Gentlelase is the safest and effective laser he has come across and that there is too much risk involved with the nd: yag lasers.


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3-4 skin type implies darker skin. Was it just the one doctor that said that? Do the others agree?

Fitzpatrick skin type is more than color. There is the issue of how you react to light. The 3-4 range can be variable in its reaction to laser regardless of color. Older research where doctors have used a diode with success across the full range (including 5 and 6) exists. However, the nd:yag is now preferred to raise the fluence to an effective level and minimize side effects. The nd:yag does not target melanin in the skin as much. With either laser a long pulse width seems to be preferred. This reduces the “scattering” that spreads energy to an ineffective degree and can cause damage. I am just quoting my doc and clinical research, which are only as sound as the methodology they use. I don’t understand why someone would say the nd:yag is risky.