Why is it every electrologist I try out says they CAN extract the blond hairs with no problem, to give me a nice natural look. I’ve been doing electrolysis since December (not steady) but have been steady from the middle of Feb /10…and yet the blond hairs are STILL THERE!!! it’s totally noticeable with regular mirrors so why is it they can’t see it with their magnifier??? Has anyone ever had this problem? or do they just leave blond hairs alone because it really isn’t treatable?

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee somebody help me with this problem!

Some electrologist make the mistake of believing that our customers would like the same things we want or wish of the majority of people.
Most customers prefer that these remain blond hairs on his arm. If the electrologist removes without the express request of the client, the client thinks that it exceeded its functions or worse, which wastes time and money from the customer.
For obvious reasons, we selected hair to be addressed first in terms of a hierarchy unattractive.

An electrolysis provider would have as a first priority to remove all hairs that are obvious to those standing 4 feet away from you in normal light. Once they have cleared those hairs, they may entertain going back for hairs that are only a glint in the sunlight when you turn your face just the right way while the sunlight hits it.

Of course, many would not treat those hairs, as they are noticeable only to the client as a problem, and the tools needed to do a good job on such hairs are the more expensive set ups, in which, most workers never invested.

What sort of magnification does your practitioner use? Circular lights are useless fot this type of work.

I don’t expect every single blond hair gone, but they are definitely not the vellus type blond hairs. They aren’t noticeable if you are talking to me or just looking in the mirror at a nice length. But if you have the right light, go close enough to a mirror I SEE THEM…So how doesn’t an electrologist? The reason this bothers me is not because I want to be bare and hairless (although yes it would be nice) but when I want to put makeup on, the area that have been treated for the darker hairs, some dark/blond hairs remain in that area and doesn’t give a nice blend, so the makeup goes on awkwardly, looks like creases on my face with lines (darker) than other places I put the makeup on. This is because she doesn’t get all the hairs in that area in one treatment, which I understand. But I don’t want to be considered “done” and still have the issues with the blond hairs, and my makeup making me look like I have intentional lines painted on my face :s who would want that??? I want my face to look clear of course, and with that I thought would mean to also look like that when makeup is on…

Also to address your q C O’Connell…she uses a magnifier circle, she says she can see a lot through that, she removed a white hair before and showed me, so I assume she’s just trying to target the darker ones. But still why can’t she blend lol

Also I notice that my face looks like there’s a bit of red patchy areas and discoloration from electrolysis…is there any way to make my face look like ONE colour lol…I use hydrocortosone? after treatment also witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night…she recommended the hydrocortosone…

Have you been really clear with your practitioner, about the level of clearance you require? Not every operator treats downy hairs, and the typical client doesn’t want any blond hairs done at first. Once they are clear of dark hair, they may then decide, to reduce the longest of the blonds. A person who is equipped to do this, would use magnifying loupes, and another source of light to highlight the ones that most require treatment. I know you have already trialled a few electrologists. Are there any more possibilities in your area? Hydrocortisone should not be necessary as aftercare and this recomendation would concern me. What do others think?

I have told her my expectations. I don’t expect her to do the blond hairs first, but what I said to her was I really just want to have a blended look, which I stated, both blond and dark hairs being removed during our sessions, so that it doesn’t look like my face hairs just patches of blond and some dark. I think this is reasonable? or am I being too picky? I’m being so stubborn because it’s my face, if it was other body parts, I would be like do whatever lol

Also, why is hydrocortisone not appropriate for an aftercare?

Hydrocortisone should only be used when you have itching, in order to keep you from scratching and touching the treatment area. If you don’t have that type of reaction, you should not use it, as it can thin the skin, and have other side effects, like redness, dry skin, color changes, and more.

Have you actually said to her after a treatment “I thought you said you were going to remove the blonde hairs as well?” versus just leaving and coming on here asking the internet why a particular person treating you (that none of us have met) aren’t treating you properly?

Your question about hydrocortisone is asked often enough here. To add to the good information James provided, short term use is technically okay. Don’t use it more than two weeks at a time. Long term use is a no-no as it can thin the skin and suppress the immune system. It will also be absorbed through the skin and get into your system systemically if used for too long on a large area. It does decrease inflammation, but so does witch hazel, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil that is properly applied in small dabs. Low percentage hydrocortisone cream with aloe is permissable for a couple of days, but why not try the witch hazel, aloe and tea tree oil first?