I just had a baby almost 8 mos ago and have noticed a few dark hairs growing an my chin. I was so hyper abouth this, I was plucking them daily. I finally decided to get some permanant removal. The place I went to suggested laser so I paid my $175.00 and was ready to go. My first treatment went fine. She had me back 2 weeks later to do more and what a diasater. My chin totally blistered. It was so gross. It took months to heal and they are doing dermabrasion free of charge to get rid of the scars. Anyways, she now suggests that I should do electroysis since I still have this disgusting hair. I have now had 2 treatments, but get this, she charged me 35.00 for the first and now 48.00 for the second. I feel like I already paid 175.00 for blistered skin. I did not leave the house for weeks, then paid 65.00 for cream she said would help the scars and now am being charges for the electrolysis. Who knows how many treatments this will take Any advise as what to do. It’s not that I want this for free, but haven’t I paid enough–literally? :confused:

For her to continue to charge you after what she did to you is a good sign that you need to move on and find someone else.

Good luck, once you find a competent electrologist you will be sorted out in no time…

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