I’m a male transvestite and I have been shaving for over 2 years now using a pair of Remington Silky Smooth shavers and it was a laborious chore that took over an hour every nite, last nite one fell apart when I took the head off to clean it! I got so frustrated. Tonight I threw care to the wind and picked up my Pink Daisy and went to it the old fashioned way and got a very nice shave out of it. I am thinking of sticking with my Pinky. What does anyone think about all that?


Hi Roxette-- if you are able to keep your legs shaved all the time, you might consider epilating. It hurts a bit the first time, but after that, it’s way better than dealing with shaving (unless you enjoy the high-maintenance aspect of it all. :wink:

If you stick with the razor, you might invest in a Venus system by Gillette.


Andrea, Thanks so much for your understanding response to my frustration. I did enjoy the close shave I got with my Pinky plastic razor but I just now ordered a Braun 1373 Silk-Epil Supersoft Plus Body System (what ever that is). I will give epilation a try. I was assured by the seller that it would be a good choice. So happy to be a part of this marvelous web site! I will post my results for all to learn from. Roxette


Roxy, you probably dont need me to tell you this, but “it depends on the individual”; and the old cliche saying “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Let me say that i understand your frustration too. Being a woman is hard! Very high maintenance.

Personally, I like shaving because it is easy. You can do it all by yourself on your time, and dont need waxing buddies to get those hard to reach spots. And theres nothing quite like that silky, just shaved smoothness.

Looks like you’re already trying the epilation thing. Keep us all posted on how it’s working out for you.