Frustrated with laser treatment/clinic...

First off, I wanted to say hello :slight_smile: This is my first time posting after a long time of lurking. I’ve been a relatively uninformed laser patient until I started reading this forum.

It’s been over a year since I started treatment with GentleLase and after an appointment today I realized that I might be getting ripped off. My treatments (over a dozen now) have been at the same settings of 9 mm at 9 J/cm2. Today when I told my nurse that I’d like to try a higher setting because I’m not seeing any results, she agreed that my previous settings have been low and agreed to try higher ones. She said that I might feel slightly more pain, which I didn’t and be red for a longer period of time, which I wasn’t. The upgraded settings were 18 mm at 9 J/cm2 but I swear I saw her writing down 20 for BOTH in my chart! What is going on? Is this right? Shouldn’t she be changing power and not just the spot size? Oh and I’m type III skin if that helps. I’d love some feedback from you guys to help me understand why they are doing what they’re doing…

Gentlelase does not have a 9 mm spot size. It has 6, 8, 10 on one handpiece and
12, 15, 18 on another one. 18 mm spot size , 9 joules is quite low for any skin type, including skin type 2. Perhaps when you show 20, that may have been the Cryogen
( DCD ) settings.

Maybe I remember the spot size wrong but I’m sure that the intensity has been consistently 9 Joules. It just bothers be because it seems like she lied to me…saying that she’s changing my settings but really kept everything low. If I ask for specific settings myself, am I risking getting burns and scars?