Frustrated with first laser hair treatment

I just had my first laser hair treatment about 3 weeks ago on my forearms and underarms using Gentle-NDYag(long pulsed) laser. Not sure of the spelling :confused: I saw some nice results with my underarms, but very dissapointed with my forearms. Most of the hairs have come back and are not falling out. I know that it may take awhile… though I am getting a bit impatient with it.

I’ve heard that LightSheer works better than the coolglide laser, and I’m considering going with another laser clinic that offers LightSheer Diode laser for my forearms. But my main concern is whether my skin color/ hair color is compatible with lightSheer? The last thing I want is skin discoloration.

I am asian and have fine black hair on my forearms. My skin tone is on the light side to the middle of type IV I think. I tan easily, but I can definately get sunburned. Any advice on best type of laser for my arm hair?

Thanks for replying :smile:

I have had very good results with the Lightsheer and the Aurora. At this point I think I have had better results with the Aurora on my arms. I have had less regrowth on my upper arms and more hair reduction on my forearms after just one Aurora treatment there. The “tombstones” take longer to work their way out after Aurora treatments. That’s why it was hard to say at first how it compared to the Lightsheer.

Normally I use an electric to shave the stray hairs that I have left. I used a blade twice and it has helped to loosen the tombstones and they are now falling out. I am very happy with the results.

There has also been less scabbing with the Aurora. However, I do not consider the scabbing I had with the Lightsheer to be a major problem. I was reluctant to get my forearms, which are relatively dark, treated with the Lighsheer because I usually wear short sleeved shirts and I didn’t want to prominently display scabs. Since the Aurora left virtually no scabs on my chest and back I decided to have my forearms done too. If I had the time I would have had my legs done too but tanning season is here now.