From Excited to Terrified about IPL

I have struggled with facial hair for as long as I can remember. From waxing, bleaching, using facial creams and now plucking I have tried it all. Even though this is extremely difficult for me to talk about, at the age of 30 I am ready for a better solution. I have looked into IPL and thought I had made the best solution until I read what people had to say on this forum.

I found a plastic surgery center in my area that treats unwanted hair by IPL(Lumenis)and is administered by a doctor. I have a medium skin tone (skin type 5) with dark black facial hair. A consultation is scheduled for next week and I have requested a test patch before anymore appointments are made.

I was told that I must shave my face 4 weeks prior to the IPL, and stop all plucking. Is this common? What can I do to insure that I have a success story?

As mentioned in this post, I am very happy with the results of IPL so far. <a href=“o” target="_blank">o</a> .The dark thick hairs on my face are almost gone. All that is left are a few patches here and there. My only regret is that I started this very late at 42 by which time my facial hairs were already about 40% grey.
Prior to the treatment I was told that no plucking was allowed. Shaving is absolutely not a problem. In fact, just before the treatment the technician will personally shave the areas to be treated on me.
The treatment on the face hurts at times, but not so the other areas.
Good luck to you, hope which ever treatment you choose will work for you.

with skin type 5, you definitely need a Yag laser to avoid burning your skin