FriendlyLightNd:YAG laser

Hi everybody!
I am planning to buy FriendlyLightNd:YAG for hair removal. It is a new laser, got FDA approval in 2004. Did anybody get treatments by this laser? What are the results? please help! I am not sure if it is a good investment. [color:“black”] [/color]

I had sent you this by private mail, but i wanted it available to other readers. As you note, the FriendlyLight is newer. Here is the FDA clearance for the device:

It is also more portable than the Aurora. As you will see in the listing above, the FriendlyLight is cleared for use on wrinkles and red spots. Another advantage to the FriendlyLight is portability.

It’s not widely distributed, so it may be tough to find consumers with experience. You may want to ask the manufacturer directly if you can speak with some customers.