Free stuff (pies)

The docs I promised are finished and on my website. If you are doing teles,* these should be helpful for you. Read the first document in the list that explains what the following items are for.

The documents are listed in blue and just under the first paragraph. They are in PDF and will auto-download.

I’m now starting some (free) materials for electrolysis. These will be generic and not “modality specific.” (If you have any suggestions, let me know what you want.) These are fun for me to make and give me the motivation to re-learn Adobe Illustrator (I have sort of forgotten).

Jossie, if you want to translate these and put them on your website “go for it!” Half the world speaks Spanish (funny how Americans don’t recognize that important fact.)


If you would like these docs in another language, say, GERMAN (Beate?), here’s the procedure.

First download the document. Translate into your language (in Word, or just paste to email). Send the translation back to me and I will then “paste it up” back into the original document (with all the illustrations). Then, I will send the finished/translated PDF back to you for your printing or placement on your website.

Delicious pies!

Guilt was an Italian who wanted to take a shorter route to reach the Indies!

Do not be the slightest doubt that I will find the time to do the translation. If “Isabella” gave her jewels to defray the cost of the expedition, why I was not going to give a little of my time? :wink:

Thanks a million Michael!

[color:#CC33CC]Gracias por los regalos ![/color]