Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star laser article

This article from the November 4, 2002 Fredericksburg, VA newspaper highlights the current trend of non-medical people buying lasers as entrepreneurial business opportunities:

It’s Laser Hair Removal of Virginia, owned by Monica Zorich.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> Zorich says she can keep prices low–and offers two-for-one deals–because she doesn’t have a lot of overhead. There’s nothing glamorous about her operation, and her humble office has nothing but the basics.

There’s a massage table for clients, a computer for her, a few chairs, a coat rack and an all-important copy of the book that got her started.
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It is interesting to see how many individuals can come up with their own definitions of an existing law to suit their own purpose (like “permanent reduction” with NO explanation of how much or what percentage is PERMANENT. Is it 1% or 99%). The public is given absolutely no data and this is inconsistant with all other FDA controlled products. They want percentages of cures, percentage of patients with side effects and what type of side effects, percentage of cures after 2 years 3 years and 5 years (similar to the cancer reports of 5 year survival rate…the word CURE is NEVER mentioned).

ALL STATES have laws that MANDATE A LICENSE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE. LASER SURGERY IS A SURGICAL PROCEDURE, therefore, all people who are doing laser hair removal without a medical license are BREAKING THE LAW. In addition, THERE IS NO MALPRACTICE INSURANCE FOR BREAKING THE LAW.

For those who are doing laser hair removal it may be hard to give up the money but you will have to. A recent article in the JOURNAL of the ACADEMY of DERMATOLOGY reports a few cases of LENTIGO MALIGNA. This is a benign freckle that converts to MELANOMA after being exposed to LASER. Damage to the skin by light is caused by the cumulative effects of exposure to light and/or sun. These patients were exposed to 6 joules for a skin problem and hair removal patients are exposed to 50-60 joules. The higher the dose…the more side effects you will see.