Fraud: the system itself

A friend, A. C. Moore, is a well-respected “Wall Street Whiz.” You have probably seen him on CNN (he’s an Asian financial expert, and that’s usually why he’s interviewed on TV. He’s the blond guy with the Texas accent) He has explained many economic issues to me … not that I actually understood them, mind you.

A few months ago he stated something chilling. He said, “It used to be that the ‘system’ had fraud in it … today fraud is the system itself!” Wall Street, bankers, retailers, manufacturers, and government officials? Too many “on the take.” (See link below.)

This “Golden Age of Fraud,” as the article discusses, is even reflected in our most trusted institutions, even the medical profession.

Our own area of interest, hair removal, reflects this detestable environment. When I attend the “Health & Beauty” expos, e.g., the big one in “Vegas,” it’s phenomenal to see all the insanely worthless (and expensive) nostrums being sold.

It’s more about money than “health and beauty.”

I’m hoping that those reading this post will “jump in” here and offer their ideas and recommendations for “keepin’ 'em honest.” See, today, it should be about the consumer “taking the reigns” and making wise decisions so that they get what they want at a good price.

Those of us who have been at this for decades get physically ill when we hear stories of clients that have spent too much and got nothing … or even worse (for example that new guy with his “moth-eaten” lasered beard. Looking at his photos almost made me cry.)

This website is dedicated to the consumer; Andrea (a nearly God-like figure) has never lost sight of this mission.

I have recommendations … but, I’m looking forward to suggestions that the “ripped off” hair removal client might add.

I’m not looking for complaints; I’m looking for recommendations and solutions! It’s not enough to say, “I was ripped off,” and I’m tired of endless “bitch sessions.” What about clear and well-thought-out recommendations for others to follow … from your negative experiences?

Why can’t we make a new checklist for consumers to follow BEFORE they spend a fortune on either laser or electrolysis (or some worthless home gadget)?

As they say, it’s silly to “shut the barn door after the horses have run off.” However, now that you realize what happened to you … well, some good solid CONSUMER suggestions would be helpful to others just entering this minefield of “hair removal.”

I’m going to make a list of your suggestions, and post this on my own website too.