Four months post laser/IPL - abnormally long hairs after treatments.

I’m 4 months post my last treatment on whole body and I have not resorted to any kind of hear removal during theese 4 months (except a few Blend treatments above my collar bones).
Theese things have happened:

All hairs have grown in again but all of them are thinner than before, none is actually removed.

1)Laser induced hair growth above collar bones/sides of neck.

2)Burn marks: mostly still fading hyperpigmentations but also three real “burn scars”. All due to over treatment and BAD practitioners.

3)Brown and slightly “shiny” marks (mostly on my arms and thighs) and hyperpigmentations and bumps(a few) due to ingrowns after my last treatment wich burned me on many places and left all the treated skin swollen and red for a week or so (not locall swelling around the follicles which is normal).

4)I had thinn hairs on my waste and those are now abnormally long on two areas on both sides. They are longer than the hairs on my stomach where the hair growth is much more dense. Extremely strange/freaky.

5)Strange short, very stiff and thick hairs that does not at all look like the other hairs surrounding them grows out of the skin on my lower arms. They are maybe twenty or so. I wish a had a digital camera and could show you. They look mutated. It’s like stubble after shaving growing out of the skin, and they have roots and everything.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell whether these are hairs that have “grown back” or hairs that were dormant and are in the growth phase now. Unless you have consistent treatments, it’s really impossible to tell, but most likely these are the previously dormant hairs.

Same here. Laser has so many side effects and doesn’t seem to work on us young guys.

I hope my beard grows back. It’s been almost six months and still patchiness all over . . .

Do you have any patchiness?