I have a question about foundation. Since I do have this hair problem on my face, I want to find a heavy coverage foundation that will camoflage it. Recently, I thought about drag queens and how men are able to totally apply makeup that covers their beards. If a man can be successful at looking like a hairless woman, then surely a woman can gain the same success!

Does anyone have any suggestions on great foundations?

Hi Melinda – I, too, have been searching for that magic foundation. I made the mistake of shaving the hair on my face some 15 years ago and I have been shaving (sometimes twice daily) ever since. I have been married for 10 years and have never allowed my husband to touch my face. I have tried just about every brand, formulation, etc., out there and I have not found one single product that hides the discolorations, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor rash, stray hairs, etc. I have tried prescription products as well. Nothing has worked for me. I guess the next step is mortgaging my home so I can afford the “not guaranteed” laser removal.

Have you tried bleaching the ends after you shave. See if it helps to hide the regrowth for longer.

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Hi! I know this reply is soooo late but I have to tell you what I’ve been using for about 7 years to cover up the nasty “truth”. I have tried every foundation known to man and I can tell you best stuff out there is Ultima II Wonderwear. It is made by Revlon but you can’t buy it in any stores. It was originally sold at JC Penney’s but they tossed all their makeup lines. You can find it on this website:
This foundation is also water proof so it will last all day, and the next, and you get the point.

I have been through 5 laser treatments this year (1 every 6 weeks) and my life has changed. I thought I had to accept the hair but God had a different plan! I prayed about the problem for YEARS and He delivered! Not only did he direct me to the perfect clinic…he hand delivered the funds!!! When God does something…he does it right. So now I have this great experience that I can relate to others and be sympathetic but I have a testimony out of it too!

There is hope…God delivers!!