Found an Apoge Elite MPX in Toronto

Hey everyone just thought I’d pass this along, note I haven’t actually gone to this clinic yet but just found they have the Apogee Elite MPX in Toronto. This is the only place I’ve found with it. For anyone unfamiliar, the Apogee Elite is a dual Alexandrite and Yag laser, but with the MPX it actually has a hybrid mode where it fires both pulses together basically. They’re called . Again I’ve never been here I don’t work here or anything but thought I’d share.

Also wanted to share because there’s a WagJag group buy thing right now on for this place for the next 4 days, it’s $99 for 4 laser hair removal sessions valued at $610. It’s only for smaller areas, but underarms is one of them so pretty good deal $25 a session for 4 basically.