FotoFacial RF for hair removal?

Hi all,

After doing some research and reading through this very helpful forum, I finally decided to go through with laser hair removal.

I’ve read a lot about SheerLight, GentleLase and other lasers. However, the laser that’s going to be used on me is called FotoFacial RF. When I came back from the clinic, I did some more research, and it seems like the FotoFacial RF is used for skin rejuvenation. Now, I am concerned as to whether this can be used for hair removal?

If anyone have heard about this, please let me know. A million thanks!

you are right, this is a type of laser - i am not sure it is a laser as it uses RF - used for skin rejuvenation. even when used for the purpose it is made for, i have read people’s reports that it causes fat loss, disfiguring their faces. take a look at this site: