foto facial?

this is slightly off topic, but has anyone tried fotofacial? its some sorta skin rejuvenation treatment alternating with microdermabrasion to make the skin produce more collagen and appear younger, it uses the same laser as aurora. they were pitching it during my facial lip/chin hair removal treatment. they said it can make acne scars diminish, and they give you 6 fotofacials + 6 microdermabrasions for $3000, but if you’re already getting other things done , they could probably do it for $2000. I don’t know, price sounds steep… I don’t feel my skin is that bad off right now that I need it besides not having $ for it cuz laser hair removal treatments are expensive as it is! but I would be curious to know if anyones tried it and had good results, its probably something I would try later down the road, i’m only 26, they say its good to start younger, i just think they want more $

I’ve had three photo facials treatments out of a package of five that I purchased … so far, my treatments have been on my forearms and chest, which have more sun damage than my face. I’ve seen a big improvement, especially on my forearms. I’m now considering it for my face, particularly as it is supposed to stimulate the collagen. I’d say that it works to repair sun damage and even out skin tone, but whether it is worth the expense depends upon your particular situation. If you don’t have much sun damage, it might not be worth it at 26 (I’m 45).