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Hello Andrea

Your site has been really good for me and very informative. Even my sex life has improved since I found it. Well done!

One thing I would like to ask, is can you add a spell checker to the preview post button. I can spell pretty well, but I am so used to computers and spell checkers that It would be easier for me if there was one. I have noticed some other users could use one.



Wow, I guess we’re even, 'cause my sex life has gone down the tubes since i started devoting all this time to internet nerd stuff! :wink:

As far as a spell chacker, I looked into the folks who sold me the bulletin board program, and I couldn’t find any way to add one. Sorry! We still love all posts, even those with lots of speling errrrorrrrs! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Anyway

Maybe you will find some other way to add a spell checker.

It’s not inportant though, as the forums are the most interesting. This internet stuff only adds the spice to the real stuff. :wink: Don’t work too hard!


What I do sometimes is compose stuff in a word processing program witha spell checker, then cut and paste it into my browser window.

I’m usually pretty careful about spelling when doing formal stuff, but here I tend to sort of run and gun liike most others. As long as people are getting the idea, the spelling issues aren’t going to be greaded by me anyway! :smile:


I know of a solution… It only works with Internet Explorer though…

go to [iespell dot com] and download the software…

You have a choice of US, UK or Canadian spelling… Once you add a few words and terms, it becomes less intrusive… it doesn’t do grammar checks, but is useful just the same…

Have a look, I use it a lot, it is simple and fast… just right click…

I have no affiliation with the company, just passing on information…



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