forum a representative sample?


I was thinking about the fact that there are very few true success stories (if any) on this forum. Most people that have been satisfied with their LHR experience report that they’ve had many more than the 5-8 sessions or that hair grows back (though lighter and thinner), and I haven’t seen any reports of permanent hair reduction (much less removal) to a satisfactory degree. Then it struck me that if someone looked up a LHR clinic in their neighbourhood, made an appointment, got the treatments and was satisfied, s/he would have no reason to seek out this forum. Most people on this forum are either researching LHR or reporting on their experience (usually a mediocre one at best). So, though I don’t have any facts that suggest that there exists a large group of people that are satisfied with their LHR, I would like to point out that this forum may not be a representative sample for researching how well LHR works.

In conclusion, if you or someone you know have had experience with LHR, please don’t forget to post about it on this forum. That’s why it’s here.

Thanks for tuning in.

Long-term follow-up is the most important part of consumer reporting, but as you note, few consumers do this. Early reports rarely reflect the final outcome, and many who think something is working early on find out after final treatment that it wasn’t as effective as it seemed. Because most of us rarely want to admit we were wrong, this original early report never gets corrected.

The opposite happens as well, where people get their u wnated hair dealt with and don’t follow up. That leaves a lot of people on the extremes making reports: mad enough to report bad results, or grateful enough to report good results.

Permanent hair removal is a tall order, and most people end up getting results that aren’t perfect even in the best situation. My own result was permanent (I haven’t had facial hair removal in years, save plucking one or two a month), but it took a long time and an inexperienced practitioner left my skin a little damaged.

Andrea, do you have the time and/or other resources for setting up an online poll/questionaire for rating LHR experience? All of us certainly appreciate your work in maintaining hairfacts and hairtell. I would be happy to provide to technical know-how, and I think such a poll would allow for a much greater spectrum of visitors to these sites to comment on their experience.