For Zap (member 1466) -- please read

Hi, I read some of your posts in the past, but you seem to have stopped posting :frowning:

I have similar dark Indian skin to yours and a super fast growing relatively thick beard. I was trying to find your first few posts, but can’t access them. It seems like I could only read about your latest 2 or 3 treatments when I did a search by your member number. Andrea should take all your posts after each treatment and put them on the main page since they are extremely detailed and useful for the rest of us.

Anyway, I just read that you are only in your early 20s (23?) right now. Do you think that your beard won’t grow new hairs as you get older? I am about to turn 26 and most of my beard growth has happened in the past 5 years. What age does new hair growth stop on the beard? In the body it is at around age 35 from what I have read.

Anyway, I wanted to know why you didn’t go for the coolglide (or don’t go for it now) since you have dark skin. Why did you choose the lightsheer? Is that an NdYag type laser? Sorry, I have not done all my research since I have only been having electrolysis so far…but someday might get laser for my beard if it is safe and effective in the long run. I just need a reduction anyway and do not want complete beard removal.

Anyway, please post updates of your latest treatments. Have you experienced any pigment changes? Scabbing? More regrowth that you expected?