For The Bald Look

Perhaps I have been unable to find it or have not looked thoroughly on this site but is there a recommended “permanent treatment” for the men who were the bald look? If so did anyone offer results, side affects or treatment time tables.

If not, does anyone here know what the best approach towards permanent hair removal might be for men who want to wear the bald look?

Hmmm are you talking about the hair on your head??

As electrolysis cannot be done on the scalp as far as I know

It is possible that electrolysis can be used on the scalp. I know laser can be used there, but it is more difficult to treat scalp hair than body hair. It could take awhile too. Laser has been used to undo the results of bad hair transplants.

If you have male pattern baldness, electrolysis would not take as long, as there would not be as much hair to clear.

Maybe one of the electrologists that post here can come up with a definitive answer for you.


A search on bald, or scalp would have found my previous postings on this question to a member named “Shellackflakes”

Yes, electrolysis CAN clear out a scalp so a person could be permanently smooth headed. HOWEVER, one would find a hard time finding an electrologist to do it, because first of all, many electrologists seem to have a problem treating male clients, and second of all, clearing a scalp would represent more work than many electrologists are willing to sign on for, and thirdly, most would find the request to clear a scalp to be “Extreme” and would refuse on the basis of the fact that it is permanent. No small consideration would also be the fact that a person who did not finish would still have bald patches all over.

Good Luck