I have an APILUS Senior II for sale for $2000.00. It is almost 4 years old and has been used on a very part time basis. It is in excellent shape and working order. It will come in the original box with grounding bar and plate and 2 cords and 1 foot pedal. Also the manual for it. Please call Darlene 630 915 4451 if interested.

Hi giamarie, I am interested in your Senior II, and will upgrade it to a SX-500. Why are you sellng if you don’t mind the inquiry? Also, how many probe holders do you have, and are there any imperfections with this machine?

The machine is in perfect condition as it was used part time. It comes with 2 cords, foot pedal , manual , and the grounding plate and rod. I will include a box of probes. Closed business.

I replied to you but it is in the following box I hit submit instead of reply

Please feel free to call me at 314-620-6075 Central time, I am usually easier to reach after 8:00pm. Hope to hear from you soon.

I have a silouette tone treatment able(hydraulic) and matching chair for sale. 300.00 It has recently been recovered and is perfect condition. It is red ostrich pattern. I also have misc items such as protec and stereo probes, case of table paper, magnifying lense with frame,tweezers. I still have the APILUS senior II which has multiplex and micro flash built in it. 2000.00 For more info call me at 630 915 4451

Red ostrich pattern? Is it possible for you to take a picture of your items and upload here? People like pictures.

I have photos but do not know where to upload them or where to either. If you want I can email to you if you send me this info.

I will be glad to help.
Just private message me here on HairTell.

The APILUS senior sold as well as the probes and misc items. I still have hydraulic table and chair in excellent shape 300 for both and a portable black table100. I also have an Aesthera PPX system that takes the Isolaz tips(does excellent skin rejuvenation and acne treatments) and all the supplies to go with it. Call for pricing. 630 915 4451 Darlene