For how long should I go?

I made my first appointment with an electrologist for Saturday for a half hour. I could’ve done an hour but I figured I didn’t want to shock my face the first time with that much since I’ve never done it before. So if I want to do to aggressive first clearance for my face, should I be making hour long appointments? Or are half hour appointments every week for the face good enough? I guess it depends on how much hair I have on my face…jsut to give you guys an idea…I have never plucked or waxed the hair on my face (except upper lip and eyebrows but I’m not going to work on those). My electrologist said I have virgin hair. I have thick black longish hair on my sideburns and thin, fine black hair on my cheeks, neck, chin, and forehead. So any advice?

in the beginning go for as long as you and your electrologist can last, and go as often as it takes to get clear as quickly as you can. Then you can relax as you will have 2 to 3 weeks with little or no treatment at all.

Then you can get into maintaining your clearance. Your practitioner skill and the equipment used will dictate how long and how frequently your skin can take treatment, and your practitioner’s stamina (and ergonomics) will dictate how long an appointment you can have.

thanks james! i actually went today and asked my electrologist the same thing. but i’m glad to have this background info from you and others from the board so i sound like i sort of know what i’m talking about with her.