For electrologists -- unrelated and related post

I have been looking at results from clinics that do hair transplants where they supplement the hair that is moved from the back of the scalp to the front with BODY HAIR, since there is only limited donor hair in the rear of the scalp! It seems like beard hair is the best and closest in thickness and life cycle to scalp hair. This concept has an acronym BHT (body hair transplants).

Anyway, the results have been decent and even great in many cases, but most importantly, the hair transplant surgeon does not seem to scar the part of the body from which the hair is taken.

I posted this question on hairsite, and here is the response from one of the world’s leading practitioner’s of this procedure:

There are numerous surgeons who do this BHT procedure, and I haven’t updated my list in years:

What do you electrologists think of these surgeons’ techniques for body hair removal? Some of them have made numerous detailed posts on forums about their technique so maybe you can take a look. It seems more intensive than electrolysis, but yet, most BHT hair transplant patients never seem to complain about scarring, pitting, etc…

And these hair transplant surgeons have had zero experience with electrolysis, so why are they so good at removing body hair and leaving no skin damage in most cases?! Mystery to me.

The doctor’s response:

The most likely reason is that during electrolysis, heat injury is used to damage the hair follicles.
The heat/burn is what leads to the following inflammatory response/pigment change from the body.
BHT to remove beard hair is more like a cold steel surgery. Therefore, the inflammatory response is limited to days rather than months.

Please let me try to imagine using the hair extract approch of BHT for beard removal…