For Dee Fahey

I have found these videos, this woman knows what she does!

I’m sighing… If only the state of Ohio would let us do this important work. We are like caged horses here wanting to be free to do such important procedures that many people would seek and APPRECIATE. I know how to do these procedures, but am not allow to under my license. Our state lobbyist said we ought to be happy with what we have and not push things, to which I say, balderdash!

By the way, spider veins on the legs are hard to do successfully because of the pressure in the vessels. Sclerotherapy is still king for blemishes. Does anyone disagree?

Thanks for sharing these video’s, my friend.

The physician’s assistant at my dermatologist recently recommended I use a loop of ordinary sewing thread to essentially strangle the stalk of my skin tags, causing them to atrophy and fall off. No thank you! There are too many and I’d rather have them cut and then cauterized. Or, as these videos show, cut/cauterized at the same time.

People do this frequently. It does work, but it depends on the location of the skin tag as to whether this is a practical approach. Any electrologist can do these small procedures and I think the cost would be far less than what a dermatologist would charge. Anyone know how many states permit electrologists to do these procedures? Internationally speaking, what countries are licensed to do skin tags, hemangiomas and spider veins??