For anyone in the know ., . .

How many hours would you think it would take to treat a full face. Very soft, fine peach fuzz but much more than should be there. I’ve had 2 hour treatments for 2 Saturdays in a row and will be having another 2 hour treatment tomorrow. Yet, after 4 hours, I hardly notice the difference. It’s not the fault of the woman doing it . . . she works very fast. I know her equipment is older yet someone mentioned that that should not be a problem. She also uses one of the old halo lights. Again, I’m not sure if that is a problem. I just think it’s the number of hairs I need treated and I’m just wondering what a realistic time frame to get one complete clearance would be. I’m trying to get it all clear as fast as possible so that we can only deal with the regrowth. But if the first clearance is taking way too many weeks, I imagine I will be having regrowth in some areas while still removing the original hairs in other other facial areas. I got the impression that this is not the ideal situation. Opinions? Thank you

Although it is important to get to 1st clearance as soon as possible, it is still not possible to finish any sooner than 9 months even if you get first clearance on day one!

Most facial jobs take 12 to 18 months because of the time spent getting to first clearance. You are correct, that you will be starting from the place you have cleared out, and moving outward from there. You will have a bare place, followed by a thinned out place, and lastly an untouched place until you get further along with treatment. It usually takes me 4 to 6 weeks to get a person looking like they don’t need treatment, and we keep it looking visually clear from there, but your results may vary.

This is my first post and I was hoping to get a little info/advice from one of the pros. I’m currently having electrolysis on my lower back. My electrologist uses the “blend” method. I want an area cleared about 7" X 3". I’ve had about 7 45 minute appointments and I’m no where near being cleared. At my last appt I was counting how many hairs were being “zapped” per minute. The average was about 4 or 5. From what I’ve read on this board, this seems like a very low amount. I wanted to be cleared by summer, but it’s not looking good! (I go about once every 2 weeks)

Hi Rosie- I don’t know why your electrologist is only doing 4-5 hairs a minute. Mine does at least 20 and at most 45. And 20 is for difficult areas, not flat areas like the back. It might be time to find a new practitioner.

Actually, in Blend 4 or 5 hairs per minute is pretty fast work. Blend takes about 7 seconds per hair, and then there is insertion and epilation time. 7 to 8 hairs per minute is probably the statistical limit on Blend Electrolysis speed. On the other hand, Thermolysis can be done in milliseconds. The insertion takes longer than the treatment. It can be done in as fast a time as the practitioner can insert. That is why with thermolysis, speeds of 40 hairs per minute are not impossible. Of course that is about the statistical limit, so it is not something you will easily find (its like finding a pitcher with a 150 mile per hour fast ball)

For a Blend operator, your current practitioner is pretty speedy, however, for real speed, you would need to find a thermolysis practitioner so you can really fly.

Although most areas have practitioners who mostly practice one thing and not the other, it is a good thing when you find someone who knows how, and is willing to work in more than one modality.

Good Luck.

PS, if the work has been good, you may want to ask your blend practitioner if she/he would be willing to work on you in thermolysis for a while.

Thanks James! I’ve been happy with my practitioner and she’s been very good to me. I know she uses an Apilus machine. I’m not sure if Thermolysis can be done with this machine.

Apilus is a great epilator! Yes, indeed, thermolysis only can be used on an Apilus easily. Your practioner will simply disable the galvanic side of the epilator. Please share the name and location of the electrologist you are going to in the Electrolysis Referral section of Hairtell since you are so pleased. So glad you found someone good and wishing you well with a faster method.