Foot switch questions..

Hi everyone,

I just got my one touch today and i need some clarification with the wiring for the foot switch. I purchased some automotive wire (20 gauge) and alligator clips. Is this correct and will it do? Now do I just snip off the outside of the wire and then wrap the wire around the metal part and cover with duct tape? Should the clip be submerged in water or just attached to the wet sponge? I’ve already visited nohair’s website, but it doesn’t specify.

Thanks in advance…

When you use the One Touch in it’s original form, you complete the eletric circuit by touching the metal band with your finger. Having your finger moistened by salt water helps ensure a better electrical contact.

With the foot switch setup, you are merely relocating that connection. By attaching a wire to the metal band, you then complete the circuit by having your body contact the other end of the wire. If that end is connected to a wet salty sponge, touching any part of the sponge with your body, such as your foot, will complete the circuit.

You need to make sure that the wire has good contact on each end. If you use tape on the stylus, wrap the wire at least once around the band so that it can not have intermittent contact. I used an alligator clip on the other end to give a secure hold of the wire to the sponge.