Food for thought

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I had to vent. First off, I must say that this site has been a very useful tool for me and appreciate everybody’s input and sincere willingness to help others with this horrible problem. I can’t help but get upset however, that the thought of wanting smooth, soft skin comes at such a price. We as human beings are able to send people into outer space, clone animals, develop technology so fast that the day I buy a new computer it is already outdated and I still have to use a metal razor to remove the embarrassing unwanted hair on my body. I know I am preaching to the choir about this, but just think of the latest and greatest practices we use to remove unwanted hair. Waxing – requires to you rip the hair from the skin by the root; shaving – requires you to use a metal razor blade on a “dressed up” handle to cut the hair (not to mention your skin!); depilatories – requires you to apply chemical lotion to your skin usually resulting in skin burn (not to mention the horrible smell); electrolysis – requires someone to stick a metal tip in the individual hair root and burn it; laser – requires someone to zap your skin with a highly charged laser to burn the hair root and again your skin…and the list can go on and on! I might be a little out of line here, but come on, these methods seem more like ancient torture tactics than beauty techniques!

I’m sure I am a little vain, as I am a 27 year old male and body hair is somewhat expected for a man my age, but I’ve read posts on here from some women who for some reason are starting to grow beards! I’ve been embarrassed enough for the hair on my back, but I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be a young woman and have to endure rude comments about facial hair! I read one post from a young girl who was so depressed she was contemplating suicide. This makes me outraged when I think of the industry and the fact that there probably is a cure out there, but the people controlling this industry are too busy counting their profits from the sale of their Mach Turbo 3 to care.

I have an idea for those who actually have a say in this industry, it will make you a lot of money. It’s a revolutionary new idea so brace your self – It’s a razor that offers 5 blades instead of 4! Sense the sarcasm?

Andrea, keep up the good work, and for those of you who struggle with this the way I do keep your head up, one of these days we’ll get someone to listen.

Read the ‘trichozyme’ thread and about Dr Christiano’s work; there is hope yet.

I thoroughly agree with everything you say. I’m virtually in the same position as you.

It feels like a total (bad) joke is being played on us. Like Gilette and Bush are in a big conspiricy to prevent the sale of permanent products so that Gilette still have a business.

I’d like to think that the trichozyme thing will happen, but according to the only web page I can find containing the word ‘trichozmye’, it appears they are still lokking for investors. Anyone here got $6 million?

What would give me hope would be if one of the people working on this made a statement either here, or somewhere to give it more legitimacy.

Still dreaming of not having to punish my skin, and not knowing long term side effects…