Follow-up re: no shedding. Here are my settings

Thanks to all of you who are patiently answering my questions. Today I called the clinic to get my settings. My first treament was exactly 5 weeks ago. I go in next week for my second treatment. Here’s my info.:

Laser used is a Cutera Xeo. They didn’t have my skin type in the computer, but I am quite fair (usually burn, tan very gradually), with dark brown course hair.

Spot size used: 10 cm.

Lower leg - 65 joules. No shedding, no loose hairs, no reduction anywhere. No pain on shins, moderate pain on calves.

Underarms - 45 joules. About 10% reduction. I’m shaving this area out of necessity (I’m here in tank-top weather San Diego) so I can’t tell if there was shedding. Pain factor was OUCH!!

Brazilian Bikini - 40 joules. No shedding, no loose hairs. Maybe 5% reduction, at most, in “standard” front bikini area, no reduction in more private areas. I shaved all but a small triangle in front before treatment. Now that the surrounding hair has grown in, the triangle is indistinuishable. Pain was OMG!!!

Thank you for any input. I paid for a 5 treatment plan, and am getting pretty concerned. I cannot tolerate more joules on underarms/bikini. I used numbing cream, but it really hurt.

Thanks all.

You have not had good results. Higher fluences must be used on fair skin compared to dark skin with the Nd:YAG. Maybe a diode laser is more suitable for you. You can ask for higher fluences with the Xeo at your current place.