Follow-up questions

It’s been a couple of months since I have been doing electrolysis on my chest and navel line. My electrolysis only does monthly electrolysis, and I find that to be too little because I still have more navel hair to remove, and if I go weekly, by now I should be going monthly more or less. I want to do other areas, and I feel it’d take more than a year than I feel is necessary.

I am wondering, what are the requirements that electrologists must have, such as licenses? How do I check that what they claim have their name for their licenses? What must they have to be in the profession?

Also, is it normal for an electrologist to zap more than once if the hair doesn’t come out the first or second times sometimes? She doesn’t pluck if it doesn’t come out.

hello there, Its been a while since i practised beauty therapy and although i am a qualified electrologist, i will have to check my records to see what is required of them, or how you can check up…

I do know if they have a BABTAC or CIBTAC certificate, that is a recognised qualification. However it also depends if they took on electolysis in their training. Even if a beatitian only did massage, waxing, manicures, pedicures, they would still receive a BABTAC or CIBTAC certificate.

I do know that i had to do a specific amount of hours of electrolysis, for me to qualify. I had to find anyone willing enough to zap, to make up a rediculous amount of hours (like 35 or something.) I will check over my notes and let you know ok… If shes working for a company though, its more than likely that she is qualified, so dont worry too much!

The general rule is you zap a few times until the hair comes out, yes. Some clients cant take the pain, so the electrolygist will zap at shorter intervals, more than once. Some people can cope with the pain, and one good zap can do… I use to zap for the count of three, if the hair comes out, great, if not, zap again for the count of three.

The hair should never be plucked. If you feel your hairs being plucked out instead of sliding out, she is not doing it properly. And id suggest finding a different electrologist. Ive had to change mine many a times (as i know what should be happening), youre paying for electrolosis, if you wanted to pluck you could do it at home.

Also, if there are new hairs that need to be done, before a month is up, you can get them done, definately. Its not advisable to do all hairs in one large area, as the skin tends to get sensitive. But a week later, if there are hairs to be removed, you can get them removed…

Hope this has helped…
soz such a long reply!

I would be seeing you at shorter intervals up front to get you cleared and then keep maintaining that cleared state by seeing you every 2-3 weeks as new hairs come to the surface. As we get farther along in the process,then we’d be looking at every 4-6 weeks until there is nothing to left to treat.

There are 34 states that require a license in order to do electrolysis. Some state statute’s specific requirements for licensure might mean learning electrolysis in a classroom setting where you are trained anywhere from 300-1,500 hours or in some states, training is done as an apprentice/internship set up. Testing is done and then licensure is given under different boards in different states. It might be the State Board of Cosmetololgy in Arkansas or the Secretary of Sate Office of Professional Regulation in Vermont. In West Virginia, only a licensed physician or a licensed physicain’s assistant may practice electrolysis. In my state of Ohio, my electrololysis license is through the State Board of Medical Examiners as is my registered nurse license. I had to take my state boards over a three day period. I took the written exam’s for AP and electrology, followed by the exam for massage,which I never have time to do in my practice, followed by the practical part where I had to demonstrate skills in front of a real live proctor. For example, the curriculum at my school included anatomy and physiology for most of the course, princples of electrolysis, small business info., massage (why?), dermatology, bacteriology, sterilization, etc. There were a lot more catagories,and it was pretty thorough. With that said, your education is only beginning when you open your office and discover there is a lot more to this obnoxious little hair than what you learned in a classroom setting.

You can check credentials online, I would think. At least you can do this in Ohio. A google search should help you pull up information from your states licensing board, department or advisory council.

I will zap a hair more than once at times, but no more than three times. I strive for levels where one zap will get it good.


That’s what I thought that I could get the hairs cleared weekly a little at a time until I have to see them in about a monthly basis for hairs that comes out, which usually they pop out every 4-6 to 8 weeks.

I still have to get half of my belly button zapped down to near my pubic area. I also want to go on to bikini, so I would rather do weekly an clear them up, so I get out of electrolysis sooner. I get ingrowns and rashes from other removal methods.

Thank you guys for your responses. I’ll check online a little more and what sandy finds out. I tried finding something online, but maybe I am not using the right keywords.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not to wait until winter to start bikini electrolysis because I do get red scabs that don’t clear until maybe 2 weeks. Maybe my bikini line will clear up faster because I notice different areas are different when they heal. What do you suggest?

There’s certainly electrologists whose license have lapsed. The one I have is active. I will keep searching for a closer location. I think it’s important that they are licensed because it shows they are serious about their work. What do you think? Even experts recommend that plastic surgeons be licensed.

BABTAC or CIBTAC certificate.

I am licensed and have never heard of these certificates. But I am sure they apply somewhere. It is basically like D said.

If you are in a licensed state you can go the the states home page and find the category of licensure. I am licensed by the board of cosmetology but licenses are found at the license category regaurdless. Most states have the same base program and you can actually view the individual licenses.

I ususally advise my clients to start the bikini line as a fall/winter project if they like to swim in the summer, as that area needs time to heal.


Hi, I found someone closer who is licensed. I found it odd that one of the two people at this place, which is in a medical building, is not licensed but the other one is. I find that odd.

Thank you for your advice Dee. I think it’s better, too.

The unlicensed person is working under the licensed practitioner. She either has not had the time or money to complete the licensure process yet, or just has not bothered due to the fact that as long as she works under the other person, she doesn’t need to. Strangely enough, (although I am not saying this is her situation) many people don’t make the commitment to “go all the way” with their certifications, if they can just make a paycheck (even if they could make more money with it) without going through all the tests, travel and cash needed to get fully certified and/or get a CPE.

I am not sure if she works under the other person that’s licensed.

Curious…can I complain about that? Not sure if I would have the guts to do that, but can people do that?

If she is in a licensed state, and NOT working with someone who is fully licensed, then you could complain. Laws in your state may vary, but in most states, a person can work under a licensed person, because that is how an apprenticeship would work. It is the person who works alone, with no supervision from a fully credentialled person in a regulated state who is exposed to prosecution.

She is working under the license of a licensed MD perfectly legal. She is also covered by the licensed MD’s insurance. Do you think he would take the risk in his office with his name if she were not capable?

I perfer working on my own under my own license but it is a choice and an expense. Although I was trained at a fully licensed school, I did consider working under the license of anotherto defer the cost of doing biz. It is a good way to get set up and cover expenses. Setting up a office is not cheap.

I did not know what to think, but I know there have been dentists and doctors working illegally with fake degrees. That’s why I am asking to be sure of how things work. It’s best to research rather than assume what’s logically possible. It is likely true she does work under the other person who is licensed now that James explained and thank you.