Follicle sizing/temperature question

I have a question…

given that different temperatures cause different reactions in skin and follicle tissue, is there some recommendation either way for treatment in hotter drier conditions, where the pores and follicles wopuld open up more for easier insertion, or in colder (airconditioned)temperatures where the lesser peripheral circulation and the tightening such as in ‘goose bumps’ may be beneficial in possible higher treatment levels?

As electrologists, do you think the skin’s reaction to the ambient temperature has much bearing on treatment options you can offer?



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Hi David.

Could you clarify what you mean by treatment options? Are you referring to the use of higher currents verses lower currents in relation to the environment one is epilating hair?

Inserting the probe accuratly into ‘goose bumps’ hair follicles would be difficult, but I have to admit, I’ve never faced that special challenge and probably never will.


Electrologists are supposed to control the climate in which they work. temperature and moisture levels should be kept in a workable zone. Too cold and one has trouble with the goosbumps, too moist and one has too much moisture reacting to the treatment currents. Too dry, and you could dehydrate your client and yourself.

As usual, James sees the issue clearly and answers… Thanks…

I was thinking that a dry heat might be beneficial… open pores, less perspiration…