Folica drops several scam devices

I’m pleased to announce Folica has dropped several doubtful products from their catalog after they discovered “those products didn’t meet consumers’ expectations,” according to Merchandising Director Dennis Huang.

Ultra Forever Free® Hair Removal System
Epilady® TweezEpil™ Electrolysis Tweezer
Vector® Hair Removal System

These devices make unsubstantiated claims of permanent hair removal.

For details on this great news, please see:

Hairfacts: Folica

Consumers should be aware that they still sell at least one electric tweezer and several “hair inhibitors,” so check here before buying any unfamiliar brand from Folica.

This is great news, and I hope the start of a trend. Folica is an industry leader, and it’s good to see them distancing themselves from the quacks in this industry.