flutamide on male hairiness

i am now 24 and have tried laser hair removal for 5 years but my hair keeps coming back. It seems thinner at first but then kinda gets back how it was… so now i went to an endocrinologist to get all my hormone levels measured; but actually, my testosterone level was at the very low end of the normal range, so obviously my follicles are over sensitive to receiving androgens… the few that i have. So he put me on flutamide where i take one 125mg pill twice a day. Has anyone else had experiences with flutamide? it seems good because it doesn’t mess with hormone levels, but just blocks the androgens from binding to the receptors, like in the hair follicles. So has any other dude used this before and if so at how many milligrams and what happened and how long did it take? i hope my laser stuff will work now.

Flutamide is a reliable androgen blocker, and if you’re taking it under a specialist’s care, you should be in good shape. Keep an eye out for unwanted side effects regarding sex drive and body fat distribution, and make sure you’re drinking enough water (it’s a diuretic). With luck, it should help with your laser, but remember that not all consumers respond to laser, even the ones with light skin and dark ahir. No one knows why it doesn’t always work.

so… i have now been taking flutamide for about 3.5 months and it seems to be working in combination with laser hair removal, which i had not responded to well before. The hair that grows back is extremely thin, which i am excited about. However, while i have not lost my sex drive, i have noticed a difference in fat distribution in one place; i have fatty deposits behind my nipples, kind of like beginning breasts. I really do not like this. Is there anyway to keep taking the pill, but stop this from happening? if i was crazy enough to have these deposits surgically removed, would they come back? thanks for your help.

You need to discuss these side effects with your physician. The side affect you are seeing is called gynecomastia, and it is a common one for males taking androgen blockers. Sexual side aeffects are also common.

While surgical corrections can be done at great cost and with mixed cosmetic results, it’s much easier and safer to change your dose or switch to another androgen blocker.

hey andrea, thank you for your feedback. But if i took less flutamide, it probably wouldn’t work anymore. I am only taking 250mg per day. Furthermore, why wouldn’t another androgen blocker do the same thing? And lastly, while surgically removing these deposits yield different asthetic results, would these deposits grow back?? i wouldn’t go through surgery if they are just gonna grow back. thanks for your help.