Fluences for LightSheer Diode

Hi all,

Anyone who has used LightSheer Diode, what were the highest fluences you were treated with? I’m getting my lower legs done and want to make sure that she is treating me with strong fluences for the greatest effect. A couple weeks ago i had my first session on the legs, and she used a fluence of 40.

With the caveat that everyone is different in terms of skin / hair color and tolerance - i’m just trying to gauge whether this is relatively high or low and whether i should be asking her to increase the fluence.

Thanks, in advance!


I believe 40 is pretty up there as I have been treated in the mid 30 ranges don’t forget there are other setting which determine pulse length in 15ns 30ns and auto setting but I am not 100% sure about this but I do know 40 is up there hope that helps

I have been treated at 50 Joules with the Lightsheer. It packs quite a punch and provided excellent results on my chest. The Lightsheer can be used up to 60 Joules, but you would have to have light skin to tolerate that.

My legs are too dark for the Lightsheer, so I am getting treatments there with the Lyra-i Nd:YAG and I am very happy with it. The fluence levels cannot be compared directly with the Lightsheer as it is a different type of laser and a different wavelength.